Summer Travel Backpack
Mopak City Backpack front and back #color_natural
Mopak City Backpack handle luggage #color_natural
Book bag
Student bag
Mopak City Adventurer Backpack tablet compartment #color_black
Olympic backpack
City Adventurer Backpack_front #color_henna
Mopak City Adventurer Backpack front and back henna #color_henna
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Mopak City Backpack_front #color_blue
Mopak City Backpack luggage handle#color_blue
Mopak City Backpack front and back #color_blue
Mopak City Backpack tablet compartment #color_blue
Mopak City Backpack water bottle pocket#color_blue
Mopak City Backpack laptop compartment #color_blue
Mopak City Adventurer Backpack_3 #color_black
Mopak City Backpack ykk zipper #color_blue
Mopak City Adventurer Backpack_back and front #color_black
Mopak City Adventurer Backpack Luggage handle #color_black
Mopak City Backpack tablet compartment #color_natural
Mopak City Backpack waterbottle side pocket #color_natural
Mopak City Backpack compartment #color_natural
Mopak City Backpack zipper ykk#color_natural

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This modern backpack is crafted for seamless transitions between work and everyday life, offering clever accessibility and lasting comfort throughout the day. 

  • Top pocket
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Main compartment
  • Hidden side pockets
  • Quick access front sleeves
  • Zipper mesh pocket
  • Open mesh pocket

Weight: 0.93 kg

Capacity : 17.5 L

Material: Recycled polyester from PET-bottles

Device size: Up to MacBook Pro 16in

Dimensions:30.5x18x44 cm 12 x7x17.3 in

$98 以上のご注文で送料無料


City Advanture Backpack

Easy-Carry Chic

Sleek design, lightweight and comfortable for easy carrying on any adventure.

Mopak City Adventurer Backpack front and back henna #color_henna


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice backpack and good customer service

I bought the City Adventurer backpack and really like it, speedy delivery and seems of a good quality. My only snag was it was smaller than it looked in the picture (so pay attention to the dimensions).

An excellent backpack! But water bottle pocket is too small…

This backpack is perfect from every aspect, but the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because the water bottle side pockets are too small. I have a slim hydro flask (trail series 24oz) which gets easily even into a kanken pocket but here unfortunately not :( I guess that a short water bottle will do the job.


the storage is tooo leesss


The City Adventurer Backpack met my expectations - the material and hardware all seem to be of high quality and I like the organization it provides. I’ll note that shipping took about 3 weeks and the tracking site the company used wasn’t the most helpful since it had to be translated to english.